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[sago cycas spends Chinese traditional medicine] – of effect of _ action _

[sago cycas spends Chinese traditional medicine] – of effect of _ action _

Medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine learns to go up the material of Chinese h福琨木业有限公司erbal medicine that can produce officinal value adequately to the body has a lot of, and the officinal value that material place shows Chinese herbal medicine of avery kind of also is had very big different. Flower of amid sago cycas should be major person it is material of a kind of Chinese herbal medicine that feels not close, beca

use wait for material of Chinese herbal medicine with angelica the root of remembranous milk vetch relatively remove , the rate of Zuo giving in daily life is inferior. Let everybody view the action that sago cycas of the one medicinal material in falling spends together now. The action that sago cycas spends and effect and have a way1. The medicine in the medical effect that sago cycas spends feels sago cycas is spent is pleasant of a kind of flavour acerbity, the 附近哪有建筑模板卖gender is lukewarm, virose a kind of medicines and chemical reagents. 2. The collecti建筑模板厂家on with beautiful sago cycasSago cycas spends 8-9 month of each years to close, subsequently again air is OK. 3. The action that sago cycas spendsSago cycas flower contains Brazilian wood to having first-rate the particularity that prevent cancer has first-rate town to cough acetanilide and, can come with sago cycas flower cure phlegmy fire. Also be to have first-rate invigorate the circulation of blood, below phlegmy. Control the function of phlegmy fire, sago cycas flower can be used at cure threatened abortion, the menstruation that is aimed at a lady is overmuch, or be it is to pee carries blood, haemorrhoid bleeds waiting for disease is to have first-rate remedial effect, if got enteritis bacterium dysentery and rheumatism arthralgia,return can choose sago cycas flower to come cure. The root serves as moist and hale medicine, disclosure has the effect that pre建筑模板价格一览表vent cancer. The bine is embedded and amylaceous, leaf and Er child can feed, and had made officinal value. Xie Neng enrages invigorate the circulation of blood to change Yu all right quite, flower can invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, if really can antiphlogistic invigorate the circulation of blood, for astringent medicine, Sexual pleasant, smooth, acerbity, have noxiousness. Flower can invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, if really can antiphlogistic invigorate the circulation of blood. Sexual pleasant, smooth, acerbity, have have small poison. Er child contain malic acid, tartaric acid, choline, calabash starch of Ba Jian, cassava, albumen, human body is adipose reach a few arsenic. Brazilian wood contains Brazilian wood element (Cyasine) and armour of element of new sa武汉建筑模板公司go cycas, second, have the particularity that prevent cancer. The flower coughs for the town anodyne. 4. Sago cycas is chosen beautifully squareSpend cure injuries from falls with sago cycas swollen ache: Take 3 to 5 money sago cycas the beautiful decoct that add water is taken. With sago cycas the flower treats cough haemoptysis: The sago cycas that takes delicacy spends 15~30 gram, if be,with the flower quantity doing a flower decreases successively, turn on the water Shang Fu of candle of old rock candy is added after decoct. 5. Sago cycas has a way beautifullySago cycas flower has certain nerve toxin, taking the amount must be used alertly below the circumstance that feeds sago cycas flower, also want to be taken below specific guidance of the doctor additionally feed.

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