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Okinawa county again shape accuses Japanese government to ask to stop build U.S. Army new base

Okinawa county again shape accuses Japanese government to ask to stop build U.S. Army new base

Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency on July 24 report (reporter Wang Kejia) government of Japanese Okinawa county 24 days formal to to lodge a complaint of Naha place court, shape accuses Japanese government to break the law advance Bian Ye construction of ancient new bas玻璃模板工程KHe, the requirement gives make stop.

木模板施工工具GS Okinawa county thinks, japanese government did not obtain Okinawa county to know job father in law to grow male annals pl覆膜板尺寸ace to issu覆膜板尺寸一般是多少e ” cay建筑用模板 smashs ” license, its build a project to a合肥建筑模板AZttribute illegal action in Bian Ye’s

ancient new base, requirement court makes halt new base construction before enter a judgement.

Weng Changxiong records said that day, cannot build behavior ignore to unofficial, criticize again install times government to disregard Okinawa people desire to advance new base to build forcibly. Administer mountain enters a paddy of the mayor that protect city of Bian Ye ancient area to also express, the name protect

s city to a板材覆膜是什么意思ADlready won’t be in to citizen acceptance Bian Ye is ancient build base, the action that continues to bear Weng Changxiong mark with all sorts of means.

Roo菏泽市牡丹区万方木业有限公司m of Japanese ministerial official is magisterial Jian Yiwei expresses 24 days on routine press conference, the practice that to Okinawa county the plan litigates with the government once more does not grant buy is judged, but weigh a government ” continue to advance Bian Ye ancient remove the guiding principle of the plan was not changed ” .

Because base of the U.S. Army between the general day that is located in city of wild bay of Okinawa county appropriate stands by the urban district all the time since suffer bad-mouth fully, day beautiful government agrees to remove its to protect the Bian Ye ancient area of city to the name before this. Okinawa people expresses to object strongly

to this, hope can this base complete change gives Okinawa.

2015, the builds base administration that Weng Changxiong annals announces to cancel predecessor to know an accident to put is permitted, make halt new base construction. Later, the government experienced Okinawa and Japan to be accused from mutual shape, reach the judicator建筑模板参数AEy accuse and denounce at a meeting that reconcile施工模板支撑s to negotiate burst to litigate again. In December 2016, bilateral legal controversial issue comes to an end with installing times government to win the lawsuit, weng Changxiong annals is forced to recall Bian Ye ancient base builds a ban. After this, install times government to disregard place to object restarting base is built.

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