2:0 of Li Shishi of man-machine big fightBe defeated repeatedly guess unscramble it to have to go future why action

2:0 of Li Shishi of man-machine big fightBe defeated repeatedly guess unscramble it to have to go future why action

Pair of play chess that pass 4 half hours, match of the 2nd bureau is in go man-machine big fight 10 days Korea head Er falls calm. Li Shishi of 9 paragraphs of Korea go famous general, players was defeated by alpha go again (AlphaGo) robot. Bin of Yu of 9 paragraphs of national champion expresses Chinese go, alpha wins Li Shishi repeatedly two dishes, do not represent the spirit that it has been go.

The match that day, li Shishi leaves bureau maintain slow and steady, give priority to with groovy laxative remedy. Hold many new hands give below the alpha of black go ahead of the rest, let Li Shishi for many times be immersed in long one's deceased father. Medium dish of phase, li Shishi is in occurrence error of chessboard top right corner, the advantage of alpha is shown gradually, after be being changed a few times, firmly defends banner situation, win victory finally with clear advantage [exposure of final step bureau] .

When just beginning to look, the chess that you can feel the machine falls is opposite certainly. But had turned round to look again, you can feel this step is quite reasonable. Watch the game, hua Xueming of leader of a group of group of Chi绿地模板有公司公司nese country go tells China News Service the reporter, she thinks alpha appears to be able to foretell the trend of dishes of whole chess.

In match process, alpha frequency gives unusual move form, the 37th hand and the two paces needle of the 41st hand develop unimaginably queer letting a person. After contest, kong Jie of 9 paragraphs of go world champion, national champion sends small gain to express建筑模板多少一块, alpha really actual strength is extraordinary, there are a lot of original places on action law.

Yu Bin criterion thinks, the action type of these strange flower does not calculate good step, also did not bring too big loss to adversary. He points out, alpha lets a person feel astonish, not be a few before half dishes strange move, however second half dish contractive work force is behaved first-rately.

After artificial intelligence leaves two towns repeatedly, the netizen thinks, the mankind studies the period of play chess to artificial intelligence or already came. This is without doubt. Yu Bin expresses, artificial intelligence can help the toppest go player raise a level.

Dan Yubin also points out, he does not agree with the magical viewpoint that alpha is go. Alpha returns existence half dishes to visit the place that does not appear afore, can not say to win Li Shishi repeatedly two dishes are close to a god, people also does not answer his idolatrous.

Li Shishi this it is put one against ten, it is even with one enemy 100, what he faces is programming of architect of numerous and collateral computer, numerous artificial intelligence person and many go hands that have experience very much. Wei Hui of adviser of professor of college of science and technology of Fudan University computer, doctoral student says.

Danger brightness speak bluntly, alpha did not understand the basic principle of go truly actually, ability of so called analogize is it is a foundation in order to show data of some huge general amount, by the likeness between huge example the gender gets, did n工程建筑模板价格ot innovate at all actually.

Current to artificial intelligence hair develops form, wei Hui says with appearance of take a part of the whole, what everybody sees is very local, those who think oneself see is the development direction of artificial intelligence, final authority neither one co建筑木方模板回收nsensus.

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0-2, li Shishi is successive not go of alpha of enemy labour intelligence, industry sobs, masses exclaim. In new network (small signal: Cns2012) reporter interviewed personage of many go bound heavyweight, discover a few doubt: Below alpha is go, be still simple victory or defeat? Li Shishi's failure, whether to mean the end of go, will it have to the future of go why to plant action?

The Id of alpha: Machine of victory or defeat of go ace Or?

Suffer a defeat continuously, li Shishi is defeated to do not have method almost, kill him celebrated with

tenacio菏泽市郓城县建筑模板经营部us wrestle, also speak adversary unexpectedly more perfect. End now, about the limit of上海建筑模板公司 alpha, the mankind up to now cannot lay a finger on. B工地模板施工KHut even if is such, the has overridden at human wisdom peak with true alpha, be close to go god indefinitely?

Interviewed Hua Xueming of leader of a group of Chinese go grou建筑腹膜板公司p a few days ago, her what one says during a conversation causes the author to think: I understood roughly a few, this artificial intelligence is not the thinking that used go, more resembling is a kind of tool, or machine of victory or defeat. Character stops she is busy complement says, this is individual idea only, do not be opposite completely certainly.

Should admit, of Hua Xueming think very valuable. The impression that alpha go gives a person at present is: Assure to be able to win victory. Wang Runa of chairman of Chinese go association thinks, with understanding at present, the choice of alpha, contact cheek by jowl with victory or defeat.

Ca清水模板尺寸n say, the thinking of it and person is different. Countless imitate of computer, collection countless chess manual, final Dou Hesheng owes connection. On some kind of meaning, computer is not to be in play go, issue art or be play chess path, it is issue victor

y or defeat with you. Wang Runa is commented on.

About the play chess process of alpha go, shizhong establish introduces the researcher of institute of technology of computation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that is engaged in artificial intelligence and intelligent science for a long time considering, its cent is imitated for fast judgement, deepness, self-study grows and overall situation is analysed.

Among them, alphaGo learns the ch临沂市山德建筑模板厂ess bureau of ace of history of nearly 10 thousand dishes of mankinds to undertake imitating study, undertake judging with gotten experience, imitate can basis dish the face produces similar mankind chess player take a way, learn bureau of chess of human history ace again, be over finally to win the judgement of the face in couples.

Accordingly, alpha go appears more machine of perfect like a movement victory or defeat, it captured the mankind to may make the each place mistake below, no matter be opposite,choose every time wrong, be judgement of pair of probability of ultimate success or failure is optimal one action.

Grade cent ranks clean of first chess player stalking or branch to also say: Be go ace or machine of victory or defeat after all? This concept is very vague. It does not have blood already, also do not have the flesh, also won't talk, meet only play chess, the machine that also is victory or defeat.

Wisdom of mankind of Li Shishi = ? Ke Jie: I go hitting absolutely big different

Nevertheless, no matter how alpha go is obsessed with to victory or defeat, human conquer its desire, can become stronger and stronger as Li Shishi's accidentally drop only. Ke Jie admits: Two dishes of chesses proved the actual strength of alpha, its action law has achieve formerly, prove actual strength is enough and powerful.

What is the essence of go after all? Feelings and culture are afraid will be the mankind the virgin land in last chasteness in go.

Wang Runa thinks, before Li Shishi two dishes suffer a defeat, also have the cause trouble of state of mind, face millions upon millions attention, his mood hard to avoid is affected.

To this, ke Jie's view is more direct: Li Shishi is defeated not quite should, he resists very inactively, state of mind not quite, did not place state of mind. Include the first dish of medium strange move not to succeed, with the 2nd dish of medium delay hand.

State of mind, it is the advantage of alpha instead. Frozen machine is emotionless, he can capture human error, oneself won't be mixed because of much consideration however think, generation any tired with laches. Even, the architects of alpha go also say, if encounter failure, the alpha go that can let future only is more powerful.

But, although face so difficult situation, ke Jie still tells very sturdily in new network (small signal: Cns2012) reporter: If let me go up, absolutely conference is big different. As we have learned, china a few 90 hind the chess player that has won world championship, think oneself have an opportunity to defeat alpha go.

The doomsday of go? Musical instrument, chess, book, picture is culture feelings!

Regard Oriental civilization as the bright bright phearl of wisdom kingdom, go is gifted all the time divine aureola, go up somehow even, go god is the other shore of impassable. Nevertheless, kill billowily when alpha go come, the secret touch between go victory or defeat fears will fading.

Wang Runa emphasizes: Previously, we interpret musical instrument, chess, book, painting is culture. To play chess process in, we gifted go a lot of philosophic theory, even strategic tactics of the military affairs. The machine cannot be likened to this.

This feelings, also be the virgin land of last at human world chasteness of go. After all, the mankind must admit objectively, although somebody is final conquer alpha, also cannot deny this artificial intelligence to be in field of go victory or defeat is enough already and powerful.

because of the is iciness machine opposite side, people just can suspect its meaning, in the dialog of Ke Jie and reporter, more or less to also mention this topic: (Sit opposite the machine) state of mind may differ somewhat. It is to do not have emotive, sit in the hard to avoid opposite side to feel a bit strange.

Wang Runa po

ints out objectively: We should admit the development of science and technology had saltant progress, the technology reachs a certain arrangement, defeating the mankind is very normal. He also admits, this thinking that Li Shishi can beat artificial intelligence, make go prosperous a few years.

The failure of arise suddenly, what drew Wang Runa even is anxious: Euramerican country just mentions to go interest, discovered Oriental civilization unexpectedly contain is worn the game of such secret. If Li Shishi is broken down by fast break, hard to avoid can bring negative effect.

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