Man-machine is big Li Shishi of spot of the press conference after battle head station surpasses: A stratagem which ensures success is very great still

Man-machine is big Li Shishi of spot of the press conference after battle head station surpasses: A stratagem which ensures success is very great still

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Beijing time on March 9 afternoon message, bureau of 5 chess head is in the man-machine big fight of go of cereal song alpha and Li Shishi a battle of hotel of Er the four seasons stop, li Shishi of chess player of human delegate Korea 9 paragraphs hold black not enemy alpha go. Overall and character, computer does not fall in local war 宜森木业有限公司disadvantageous position is stronger even, but not as top class as the mankind on layout and overall situation judgement chess player. Li Shishi is defeated today in in hind dish go up laxly, if from the back Li Shishi can if exploit a victory is pursued and attack, victory or defeat has be concerned about very much. Bilateral the match of the 2nd bureau will on March 10 start shooting.

The press conference after contest

The controller of go of alpha of song of cereal of spot of the press conference after contest expresses: I am very glad, we advance deepness study to a new


Li Shishi: Above all I am very open-eyed, this bureau layout did not fall good, a moment ago two expressed to be opposite of

go revere and respect, I serve as a chess player, also special to the research group of AlphaGo admire.

Spot explanation member (American) : This is a historic hour, this match is completely new germinant. ? From begin finally, the level is ve鲁班模板SEry high. This match has historic reason is man-machine not merely to battle, still hit very beautifully because of the match, very elegant. I very a few matches of expectation future.

Gold of Han language explanation becomes Long Jiu paragraph: 新型建筑模板价格多少BNNot only it is Li Shishi 9 paragraphs, I also feel very big impact as professiona支撑模板架体施工规范EDl chess player, because serve as a chess player, the meeting when play chess has his style, flow direction and 建筑木方生产厂家BFsentiment, and the computer does not出售建筑模板AC have these as the program, can adjust at any time. AlphaGo situation ever was judged in the bureau adverse, but computer can succeed actually changeover. AlphaGo plays go unlike person, can saying is the style that surmounted the mankind. Too surprising.

Reporter: The effect suffers after hearing fencing command was defeated by a bureau very big, can be you affected? What kind of adversary is AlphaGo to you?

Li Shishi: Serve as a chess player above all, my contest experience is more, the first dish. I think victory or defeat just just begins, I can continue to understand adversary, will evaluate AlphaGo to be vogue now early.

American reporter: Does comparative contest feel how? Whether to have regret to accept a challenge?

Li Shishi: Although get very big impact, but or very enjoy this dish of chess, and very expect the competition from the back. This dish I did not fall good, thinking my a stratagem which ensures success returns the chess from the back so is very can big, a stratagem which ensures success can be 5 become.

Korea reporter: The Li Shishi in the bureau has all sorts of expression 9 paragraphs, how to evaluate adversary?

Li Shishi: I feel to have at 2 o'clock, it is the ability that opens a phase above all, I once expect layout is a difficulty to AlphaGo, did not think of the result makes him accident very much. It is right from the back both sides is very bad situation. Additional, will look as the person, doing not have force of very strong computation is the chess that dare not play, alphaGo can fall, very surprising.

Reporter: Is DeepMind right future of a few matches what is forecasting?

Hasabisi: Still have 4 competitions, match result is so bad to say. I think Li Hui finds new strategy, will answer AG, I feel this dispute often is worth to expect, also very of excitement letting a person. 4 matches also should meet tomorrow picture today such, it is special Gao Shuiping, and quite wonderful and intense.

(Summit of Li Xinzhou week)

Outspread read: Big fight of 2016 centuries man-machine on March 9 head station video watchs whole whole course to review man-machine big fight head the station has idea of what stock artificial intelligence be benefited general view man-machine is big outcome of battle head battle: Plum world Shi Zhongpan admi建筑模板批发ts defeat big fight of man-machine of 2016 centuries go read changeover of alpha wonderful foresight related entrance of ad山东顺达木业有限公司dress of living broadcast of video of the 2nd bureau on March 10: " we love each other " tall Yan Zhi of dog of cruel of photo of CP of juice of Song Zhixiao orange raises Chen Bailin eye (group plan) people of big bridge of 2016-03-05 Dongguan central scroll goes forcibly group of spot be knockinged over by Biyadi

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