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Reynolds discharges cogged experience new proposal to check a stock to steep fall by assault (graph)

Reynolds discharges cogged experience new proposal to check a stock to steep fall by assault (graph)

Login register Reynolds of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discharge cogged experience new proposal to check a stock to steep fall by assault (graph) origin: ? Fierce?2016-01-15 09:4 of discharge  Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Because Chinese economy net is suspected of tail gas discharging test cheat, personnel of con case investigation is opposite France division of Reynolds firm office undertakes assault is checked, confiscate much station computer. Zhou Si, reynolds car share

price steeps fall exceed 20% , department the oldest odd-numbered days drops since 1999.

Local time 12:10, reynolds share drops in Paris 16% , sign up for 72.98 euro. Some earlier moment ever dropped for a time more than 20% , beautiful drop 8% , to 13.61 euro.

The official of the labour union CGT with Reynolds the biggest group confirmed afore-mentioned informations to media. The official Florent 高层模板Grimaldi of CGT labour union expresses, con case investigates French economy ministry the staff member seek by inquiry of the office the office place of Reynolds car, this place involves the relevant matters concerned of standard test and engine attestation. The word of Grimaldi also confirmed the report before French media.

Reynolds government expresses, will publishing the government to state subsequently, but at present of short duration not buy is judged.

Grimaldi Zhousi expresses, because masses derv car discharges scandal, this Reynolds suffers assault investigation to also let a person associate with discharge a standard to concern.

From last year masses car will be discovered by American superintendency orgnaization existence discharges a test September cogged phenomeno潍坊宏达木业有限公司n, each car makes an enterprise all face the risk that is examined. French authorities also will begi山东省大宇木业有限公司n to investigate masses case in September from last year, affirmatory will enlarge investigation, cover all car manufacturer, include Reynolds and beautiful Xue Tielong.

Indicate Xue Tielong will山东大州建筑模板有限公司 express October last year, its car never has used the software that similar masses installs to be discharged in order to control when the test.

Addi建筑模板规格及尺寸BEtional, french environment management department also begins to selective examination randomly, test car discharges the difference between result and real data mediumly 建筑多层模板公司in the lab.

Europe is carried and environmental federation (official of European Federation For Transport And Environment) shows, pass below the circumstance that the cogged method that some enterprises use may make its are abiding by law strictly detect. Popular dis济南

泽浩木业charges scandal is an iceberg only probably one horn, look forward to of a lot of cars may exist discharge cogged.

(original tit附近哪有哪些建筑模板厂le: Discharge Reynolds of cogged experience new proposal to check a stock to steep fall by a

ssault (graph) )

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