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[bender of bubble of fresh deer whip is smelly] – of characteristic of _ action _

[bender of bubble of fresh deer whip is smelly] – of characteristic of _ action _

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ho follow a man class to grow slowly, a lot of men are the question that answers sexual function to drop after the age on, at the moment major man is the method that considers method to search Zhuang Yang. Amid drinks cervine whip wine is one kind can fill kidney Zhuang Yangzhuang’s in relief method, because this major man is,use wine of cervine whip bubble. Just be application is completely below the case that using wine of cervine whip bubble wine of bubble of whip doing a deer, is bender of bubble of whip of deer of that Zuo new Zuo smelly? Can appear fishy. Of Lu Bian use what machine Lu Bian with production to collect machine with production, include take whip, plastics and dry impetuous a few technological process. 1, Lu Bian receives the flay on cervine butcher wheeler, should leave grain wrapping to grow too at going up, after production is machined, make Lu Bian takes one gather to wrap flix, it is one of designation of quality goods, be helpful for tasting a difference with bogus. Lu Bian reachs healthy health care to go up in clinical medicine apply with Chinese traditional medicine preparation deer flogs crucial in order to erects functional obs木模板生产厂家tacle, be like the impotent, premature ejaculation that deficiency of yang causes, reach ache of its waist leg, infecund to the female disease and give birth润鹏木业有限公司 to the child postpartum have apparent effect without the grandma. 1, wine of Lu Bian bubbleDing of whip of deer of make it of wine of cervine whip 弘旺木业有限公司bubble, it is very simple use method, and apply convenient. Flog with the deer commonly, alcoholic drink of 50 degrees of pure food 1000 ~ 2 000ml. Lu Bian cut becomes a state, dip is bec建筑工程土石方施工许模板BFome 15 days namely inside wine. Earning contains Lu Bian to cervine whip wine 15% ~ 20% , daily edible 15- – 20ml. The person discretion of flourishing of fire of deficiency of yin with irritability is used. Drink a deer to flog wine abstains from1, avoid high fever measures food. 2, the person that fill inside chill of diseases caused by external factors or solid heat does not suit to take feed. 3, the chronic illness patient such as hypertensive, heart disease, diabetic, nephrosis should be in next the doctor is specific and directive taking to feed. 4, take before this product appropriate eat feed. 5, take the disease after feeding 2 weeks to not have improve, or disease aggravate, or give the more serious illness with new , should stop drug immediately and reach a hospital go to a doctor. 6, allergic to drinking person taboo. 7, long-term sex is taken continuously feed should seek advice to doctor or doctor. 8, taboo of allergic to this product symptom, irritability constitution person discretion is used. 9, when this item characteristics produces a change forbidden application. Lu Bian is the reproductive organ of cervine division puppy, namely male genital and male spermary. Have the filling kidney Zh山东鲁信建筑材料有限公司uang Yang, filling kidney Zhuang Yang, effect such as beneficial kidney. Can invigorate the circulation of blood changes Yu, stimulate the secretion of milk, on clinical medicine acid of genu of strain of muscle of in order to, waist aches, kidney empty tinnitus, impotent with female palace the disease such as cold infecund disease.

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